Five Visual Studio Code Extensions

Sofia Vaz Sousa
3 min readDec 11, 2020


that you probably need to make your code writing easier

Who has never been cursed by wrong indentation or has been to curly brackets and parenthesis hell raise your hand.

Well, if you raised your hand then you are a lucky adventurer!

The rest of us will benefit from some help on this department and that's why I’m going to go through some extensions that helped me write code syntactically correct.


Code formatting tool

Prettier is a very neat code formatting tool, basically you can write your code, select format document in the command palette and it formats the document for you.


Linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript

The main function of this extension is to auto-format code for consistent formatting and syntax. It might get on your never because shouts at the most little thing, but oh god your code will look BEAUTIFUL! 🦄

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Colorizing matching brackets tool

If I would need to choose a ✨ holy grail ✨ of my extensions, this one would be it. I’ve lost the count how much time I’ve wasted trying to find where I missed a bracket or a parenthesis and this has saved me so many times!

Material Icon Theme

File icons

If you’re a visual person you will thank me for this one, this extension basically gives your files in Visual Studio Code a icon correspondent to its format and it just make it so much easier to locate files! 🤓

VS Code Styled Components

Helper to write CSS syntax in styled components

As much as I LOVE styled components, I can’t ignore the fact that not getting help with the CSS syntax is kinda of a pain, this is where this extension comes to the rescue, it just helps with CSS syntax within the styled component and makes styling life much easier 💅



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